Little About Popular Tattoo Designs – Dog and Egyptian Tattoos

Military tag

Dog tags were used in the military by soldiers to pin their identification on their uniforms before going to the battle field. Although different materials were used to make the tags, the standard one was the dog tags.

The tags had the soldier’s number and name, with two tags which were placed on a single chain. The soldiers wore the chains around their neck. Thus, the dog tags designs are mostly a representation of those who survived in the military.

The meaning associated with are inked on each tag. The tags were a permanent reminder of the soldiers’ commitment and devotion to their country.

Dog tag tattoos

Others were them as a reminder of loved ones who passed on. Thus, they symbolize remembrance, love, and faith.

Although the tattoos have been used to symbolize tribute to fallen soldier and commitment to the military, there are people who decide to alter the design and give it a personal connection.

Some of the symbols which are used in the design include boots, rifle, helmet, helmet or bullets.

Some people decide to add the United States flag or the American eagle in the design which adds more power.

Presently, the dog tag tattoos are inked with various elements which include a cross, praying hands or rosary.

Egyptian Tattoos

Archeologists discovered that Egyptians had tattoos and they were considered as a statement of femininity.

Women were adorned with the tattoos because they were a statement of power as well as a sign of female empowerment during the ancient days.

Some of the most elegant Egyptian tattoos were found on the prominent female mummies.

The artistic body art among the Egyptians was preserved for the powerful and rich. Additionally, the Egyptian tattoos were a call for help from their goods and the powers around them.

During the ancient times, the goods were much active in all aspects of their lives.

Hence, bad luck and illness were signs of bad luck whole happiness and good fortune were signs of blessings. Images such as tattoos played an instrumental role of promoting good health.

The ancient symbols are mostly used in the Egyptian tattoos. Most of them are pictures of the ancient Egypt, images, and hieroglyphics.

The symbols which are used relate to the love, death, life and goods. Also, the symbols are a representation of immortality, reincarnation, healing, and authority.

The Egyptian symbol range from simple lies to colorful ornate.

One of the symbols in the ankh which is a representation of eternal life. The ankle tattoo is placed on the wrist or ankle. The other symbols include the scarab, the Ba and Eye of Horus.